Aviation Fuels

AviationFuel-1For over 60 years Campbell Aviation Fuels, a proud partner with Phillips 66, has been dedicated to providing unsurpassed service and high quality aviation fuel products to our valued customers. Campbell Aviation Fuels is a leading supplier of aviation fuels in the region. We would like to provide your business with the same benefits that we receive through our relationships with suppliers by receiving quality products, secured supply, fair consistent pricing, meaningful support programs and exceptional service from our entire staff. Campbell Aviation Fuels is dedicated to your success. Serving you and the aviation industry since 1948!

As a Phillips 66 dealer, you will enjoy the following programs:

  • Pre-Blended Jet Fuel Ensure that the fuel you sell is treated correctly and on specification.
  • Quality Assurance and Training Get your Line Service crew the knowledge they need by attending our training seminars that are free to Phillips 66 dealers.
  • Credit Card Program and Electronic Point of Sale Powerful software and systems to get you paid quickly and efficiently and with the lowest fee structure in the industry.
  • Aviation Refuelers Lease the quality trucks you need with a comprehensive maintenance program.
  • Partners-Into-Plane Contract Fuel Integrity and technology combine to seek incremental business for your FBO.
  • Bizlink An intranet site for Phillips 66 customers so all your account information is always available.
  • Excess Liability Insurance Help control your costs and risk exposure by participating in Phillips 66 $50 Million Excess Liability coverage.
  • Co-Op Advertising and Support Get reimbursed for many everyday FBO expenses. Improve your FBO while also controlling costs.
  • Uniforms Create a professional look for your staff. It lets pilots know you are ready for business from the minute they enter the ramp.
  • Signage Airport signage is a primary navigation tool once an airplane lands! Make sure they taxi to your ramp with a great Phillips 66 lighted sign – a sign of quality.
  • Advertising and Promotion Even great products and services need to get the word out. Benefit from Phillips 66 Aviation’s national advertising strategy.
  • Tank Farm Construction  For over 20 years we have been building new facilities or modifying existing farms to improve flow or to meet current regulations
  • Fuel Master Self Serve Systems as a certified technician we can build a standalone system or add a unit to your existing farm.

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